17 November, 2008

Wakalixes + DISQUS

A number of people have written in to tell me about the funky DISQUS rendering with Wakalixes, so I set up an account, installed it, and lo and behold… it was ugly!  So, I got about to getting it working right, and the fix is pretty simple.

There are two pieces of DISQUS code you need to post into your Tumblr theme.  The first one is short, and goes before the

</div> {/block:Posts}

For Wakalixes, the code is slightly different:

<div class="entry"><a href="{Permalink}#disqus_thread">Comments (View)</a></div>

The second bit is a bit longer, and goes outside of the {/block:Posts}. It’s pretty much the same as usual, you just need to wrap it in a div with a class of entry, like so:

<div class="entry"> DISQUS javascript block goes here </div>

So, basically you just have be sure to wrap each of the DISQUS code snippets in a div with a class of entry, which will make the comment system line up accordingly and pay attention to the color rules.

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20 October, 2008

Wakalixes 1.0

Wakalixes is a simple, clean, and customizable Tumblr theme by Andrea Mignolo.  It is released under a Creative Commons license, which means you are free to use it, change it, and play with it, but be sure to give attribution, keep it non-commercial, and share anything you create based on it.  After all, sharing is caring.

To use Wakalixes, just download, unzip, and copy what’s in wakalixes.zip and paste it into the custom HTML field in the THEME section of your customization screen.

Each type of media has a different meta tag, containing a small icon and the date it was posted.  The backgrounds and text of both the icon and the dates can be customized, which might be fun for those of you with a great sense of color.  Of course, the rest of the colors can be customized as well, but I thought I’d point out that extra bit.

Currently reBlogging and group posts haven’t been added.  If there is any interest, just let me know.  Bugs, requests, problems, and general greetings can be sent to hello@andreamignolo.com.


In order to make icons display properly, be sure that your browser is set to UTF-8 when copying this theme for your Tumblr blog!  The icons will not show up correctly if copied when your browser is set to Western encoding!  In Firefox, this setting can be found in View -> Character Encoding -> UTF-8.

EDIT 10.30.2008

Wakalixes can be downloaded in .zip format here if you are still having problems with proper icon display. Simply unzip the file, open wakalixes.html in a text editor, and copy the theme over.

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